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Get a little closer, let fold
Cut open my sternum and pull
My little ribs around you
The lungs of me be crowns over you

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So now we’re moving this week!
Also taking baby test number one in a week. Very excited! Slightly scared.
We’ll see ☺️

I’m srsly so happy and I’m so glad all the fuckboys are blocked from my life and Justin and I are moving in two weeks and I’ll never have to deal with all this bullshit and these cowardly shitty people ever again and shit is perfect rn.

Blocked is pretty literal too tbh.





i will reblog this every time

I worked with a lady that came into work one day with no hair. No one mentioned it, no one talked about it. She was wearing a bandana so we all knew she was bald.

But I have ADD, and not so great control of my impulsiveness. Finally, near the end of the night I asked. “So… can I ask, what happened to your hairs?”

She smiled and hugged me. I was the only person with the cajones to ask. “My best friend is pregnant, already has a 4 yr old, and was diagnosed with cancer, and her boyfriend left her because it was too much. So I’ve been helping her out, being supportive. And I promised her if she started losing her hair I would shave my head too.”

“Last night she called me, crying because her hair was falling out in clumps. I told her I’d be there in 10 minutes. She shaved me first, then I her.”

It’s the most supportive thing she could think to do.

I just started crying.

Anyone willing to do this for the ones they love has my respect.

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if u are scared or worried or stressed please just remember that even if you mess up super badly, doggies on the street will still tug on their owners when u walk by because they wanna say hello to u so badly

This is legitimately comforting.

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if you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out.

if you put a frog in warm water and gradually turn up the heat until the water is boiling, the frog will remain there until it dies.

and that is an abusive relationship.

Holy shit.

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a trigger



  • gives you flashbacks of traumatic events
  • sends you into an agonizing panic attack
  • makes your heart skip beats from sheer terror

it does not

  • mildly offend you
  • make you feel uncomfortable
  • gross you out
  • make you angry

are we fucking done here


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the most important verse ever

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working retail


me: hi how are you today?
customer: JUST LOOKING.

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In preschool when I was 5, the boys bathroom had to get a ceiling repair so everyone had to use the girls bathroom and when I was in there some kid named Jimmy walked in.











And that was the first time I saw a penis

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